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Biddle is a poet of truth and justice, and the harbinger of human liberation from the neglections and abilities; the great poet whose central and focal theme is the promise of monotheism and the transcendence of human dignity and the invocation of nature and virtue.

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Now and with the foundation of this foundation, there are very good conditions for the Persian speakers to come together because the belt of literature in Iran, India, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan has been formed.

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I hope that this establishment of Mubarak will be a symbol of the unity and heirship of the heirs of the Persian thought and culture, the fruits and blessings necessary for the language and the general public of the seekers of knowledge and wisdom.

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Important news
  • Poetry by Mohammad Kazem Kazemi

    A ghazli from Professor Mohammad Kazem Kazemi, the prominent poet of Afghanistan and the secretary of the Fajr Poetry Festival, in the closing ceremony of the fourth 


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  • Professor Anna Wansen, professor at the University of Venice

    Recognizing and communicating with the Biddle Foundation is very helpful for students of Persian language and literature in Italy

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  • Biddle, the Great Mount of Persian Language and Literature

    Bidel is a huge mountain of Persian language and literature and Iranian culture, which unfortunately we have a lot of We are familiar with this magnificent

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  • The Biddle Style is a feature of Biddle's poem

    Professor Abdulnabi Sattarzadeh, a writer and professor at the University of Tajikistan, expressed his pleasure at attending the fourth International Biedel Dehlavi International Opening Ceremony

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  • Poetry by Seyyed Reza Mohammadi at the opening ceremony of the fourth Bidle Aries

    Syed Reza Mohammadi, the head of the union of Afghanistan, began his poetry with Abayati in Natt Bidol Dehlavi and then read a ghazale of his poems for the audience.

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  • Fifty selected articles in the fourth edition

    In the fourth international edition of Biddle 50 guests from both domestic and foreign, educated      And the scholars of Bidel Dehlavi's thoughts and works, Indian style and related subjects

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